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New Opening Hours

Now open from 7.00 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

Air Repair and Regas
Carfixers is an authorised motor vehicle air-conditioning repairer AU No AU33901.

Tyres Tyres Tyres
Carfixers supply fit & balance good quality tyres at budget prices

After Hours Service

Ring 0417 708 376

RACQ Approved Repairer
Carfixers is very proud to be part of the RACQ Approved Repairer network Approval No 9780

Safety Certificates
Carfixers is an Approved Inspection Station No 9780




Battery service and test $$FREE  BOOK TODAY

Carfixers will test your existing battery and charging systems to determine if a recharge or a replacement is required.
We can source any battery to suit any customer on the day.

Battery Maintenance

Regular car battery maintenance and cleaning will:

  • help keep your car running smoothly
  • prolong the life of your battery
  • save you money
  • help prevent inconvenient breakdowns

Maintenance Checklist

  • DISCONNECT the battery before any maintenance
  • Check the water level - should be just touching the bottom of the refill hole
  • Use ONLY DISTILLED water to top up
  • Clean terminals with a wire brush to ensure good connection
  • Make sure all connections are secure (not loose)
  • Ensure battery is properly secured in its bay
  • Check body for cracks or damage
  • Replace any damaged battery regardless of how it is performing